Thursday, June 14, 2007

Writing Contest

From CT IWWG & NABBW Member Prill Boyle:

Nat'l Assoc. of Baby Boomer Women Writing Contest
A Lesson I've Learned

DEADLINE: July 31, 2007
PRIZES: The winner's story is placed in the Our Voices section on the Boomer Women Speak website, and s/he will receive the following:
  • $50 CASH!
  • FREE membership or renewal for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW), the only association devoted to addressing issues concerning 38 million of the healthiest, wealthiest, and best-educated generation of women to ever hit midlife: baby boomer women.
  • Baby Boomer's Almanac by Tim Brolus
  • What Happens Next by Chloe JonPaul
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne by Georgia Richardson


We've all had them. Those "life lessons" that make us stop and think and possibly see the world, our environment, or even ourselves in a different light--the lessons we'll never forget. Some call them "Aha" moments.
Who was your mentor? Was it a teacher, a parent, or your best friend who helped to open your eyes and heart to learn? Maybe even a boyfriend? Or was it man's best friend: a pet? No matter who taught you or how you learned, we all agree that over time, they are truly unforgettable. What is that one particular lesson that stands out in your mind? Did it change the course of your life, or maybe it wasn't life-altering, but it helped to shape the person you are today? Whatever your lesson, send us your story by entering our contest and win prizes!

Click here for contest guidelines and directions for on-line submission.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Free Readings at Wesleyan Writers' Conference

From CT IWWG member Beth Richards:

The following two free-to-the-public readings are part of the 51st Wesleyan Writers' Conference, June 17-22, Middletown, CT.

Reading of new fiction and memoir: Robert Stone (author of the new memoir, Prime Green) and novelist Richard Bausch, Wednesday, June 20, 4:30 PM, Old Cinema, Center for the Arts

Conversation with National Book Award winner Edward P. Jones: Thursday, June 21, 8 PM, Old Cinema, Center for the Arts.

For more information, visit

1-Day Workshop: Exploring the Personal Essay

From CT IWWG member Mary Carroll Moore:

Telling Our Stories: Exploring the Personal Essay One-Day Workshop with Mary Carroll Moore
Hudson Valley Writers' Center

300 Riverside Drive, Sleepy Hollow, NY
(914) 332-5953

Friday, July 20, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
$135 ($120 HVWC members)
A good essay opens a window and invites the reader into a writer's beliefs about the world. But it also takes the reader on a journey of discovery--as the writer finds out more about these beliefs. So good essays start with strong feeling, thoughtful questions--and this desire to explore uncharted territory. Within this "risk on paper," your essay can take multiple forms (linear, snapshot, collage, narrative) and endless subjects (from illness, loss, or trauma to nature to a neighborhood's disappearing culture). In this one-day workshop we'll learn the steps to explore, craft, and develop a personal or opinion essay. Using short pieces by well-known essayists, we'll practice writing exercises to discover what our own essay really is about--what's the theme? the seed idea that will speak most clearly to the reader and deliver our point? Be prepared to explore deeply, write a lot, and go home with an essay to finish. Bring an essay-in-progress or an idea for one, as well as a bag lunch. For all levels of writers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Psychosynthesis Workshop

From CT IWWG member Cynthia Pincus Russell:

Psychosynthesis is a system in use all over the world, and classes involve clarifying our meaning & purpose through writing. IWWG members Carol Cooper Garey, Rosalind Till and Cynthia Russell are all involved. If you would like to learn more, we are holding a free open workshop on Monday night, June 25 from 7:30-9 p.m. in Stratford Center, CT. Light refreshments will be served.

For more information and to reserve your space, contact

Cynthia Pincus Russell, PhD at

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Charter Oak Romance Writers' Workshop (for all writers)

From CT IWWG Member Laurie Adams:

In addition to being a member of the IWWG, I'm the president of Charter Oak Romance Writers. We're hosting a fantastic writers' workshop in September with Alicia Rasley. Registration is open to anyone, but space is limited.

We'll soon have all the information listed on our website,, including a link to a registration form. It will be an awesome craft workshop with general topics to help any writer.

Writers' Workshop with Dan Pope

From CT IWWG member Beth Richards:

The Green Street Arts Center in Middletown, CT is hosting a 5-week writers' workshop with author Dan Pope on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. The workshop will run from July 10th through August 7th.

Dan is an accomplished writer. This year one of his short stories was published in the Best New American Voices Series and he received a Connecticut Fiction Fellowship. He is also a supportive and incisive teacher (a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop) who has worked at Trinity, the Wesleyan Writers' Conference, and many other distinguished "writerly places."

Most one-day writing workshops are over $100. This one is only $78 for all five 2-hour sessions. It's a chance for you to write without a huge time/$$ commitment.

Because the center hasn't offered this kind of class before, they need help reaching out to writers in the area. So please spread the word about this great class!

For more information, visit the Green Street Arts Center website at To register, call 860-685-7871.

Skidmore Conference Reminder

From Hannelore:

Last call: The train is leaving.

Regardless of your age, background or expertise, come to Remember the Magic, June 15-22 (or any portion thereof)...

It is a writing conference like no other. Life changing. Commuters also welcome.

Also, it is "the Magic's" 30th year.

Go to and click on "Events/Calendar" and/or call 212-737-7536.

For inquiries, write us at

Thursday, June 7, 2007


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