Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swamp Walking Woman video clip

Dear Writing Sisters,

I hope you enjoy this short video clip about my mythic fairy tale Swamp Walking Woman.

The book is for our green earth and to encourage women to be strong in these hard times.

It's also fun. There are darning needle (dragon fly) helpers, frog helpers, a mean gatoress to fight, and little fireflies to light because a chemical in the swamp has taken their light.

Love, Trish Lapidus


Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct.16 & 17 Stratford Center (next to the public library)

Act 11 Counseling & Synthesis

Are you ready? You'll never be the same again;Life Coaching classes.

Saturday: Meet your Self and your empowerment

Sunday a.m. circle, networking, meditation and guided imagery. (no charge)

After Lunch: What is a sub personality and how does it move you? with Brad Roth, trainer & counselor

Fees for classes with sliding scale as needed. Work swaps. Bring a sandwich & join us for lunch breaks.

All classes are taught by counselors.

For reservation & details: Cynthia P Russell PhD -

203 377-2421