Thursday, October 25, 2007

Power Abused, Power Healed - Home Study Course Available

I am excited to announce . . .

a home study course offering 4 Continuing Education Credits, based on my book, Power Abused, Power Healed. The course is now available through Professional Development Resources, for psychologists, professional counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists.

Participants will utilize Power Abused, Power Healed, to help explore their own relationships with power and that of clients, and to learn about a variety of abuses of power that may occur in the therapeutic setting and in public life. Through the stories in this book, participants will start to recognize experiences in their own life encounters, both professional and personal, and those of their clients, and to define their own relationship with power. They will also begin to comprehend the impact on others and on themselves when power is misused and abused, especially in places where we believe we are safe.

Utilizing the medium of both educational and soul-touching stories, the text for this course explores a variety of potential abuses of power in therapeutic and healing arts contexts, and in public and private life, as well. With an emphasis on the concept that healing childhood wounds to the root heals the misuse of power on an individual and global scale, the text reveals the roots of the temptation to abuse our authority as professionals, the impact that abuse can have on our clients, and the healing that is possible. Chapters are divided into three sections: the first exposing the initial childhood trauma, the second exploring the consequences and healing of that trauma, and the third, entitled "Here And Now," which contains questions designed to inspire the reader to search within for the roots of his/her own relationship with power.

Target Audience: Health & Mental Health Professionals
Learning Level: Intermediate
Cost: $59.00CE
Hours: 4
To view and sign up for this course, please go to:

I hope you will take the opportunity for yourself and/or pass the word on to people in your life who would be interested. This is a chance to learn, grow, be inspired, and deepen yourself as you explore your relationship with power, others' relationship with power, and our world's relationship with power.

My best to you,
Judith Barr
Mysteries of Life

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