Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Date: Nov 7 & 8, 2009
Psychosynthesis at Act 11 Counseling, Stratford Center (next to the library)
Time: 10:30-3 p.m.
Bring a sandwich. We serve coffee, tea & dessert

Saturday -- Get to know your subpersonalities,
Strengthen your Will for mission and purpose
journaling, & sharing
with Rosalind Till, M.S.

Guided Imagery workshop with Cynthia Russell PhD.
$35 a class

work.swap/sliding scale

Sunday -- nondenominational prayer basket, networking for life & career
NO CHARGE -- Any proceeds for this event are gifting Sterling House Community Center Food Pantry

2:30 to 2:30 "Focusingl: an incredible way to move quickly to clarity"
with Carol Ann Lucia, Reiki master;
trademarked Eugene Gendlin PhD
$20. suggested contribution

For reservation or details contact Cynthia Russell PhD
203 377-2421
or email her at the following address:

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