Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exerpt from The Tale Tales Newsletter by Patricia Lapidus

The Tall Tales Newsletter

from Trish Lapidus

Tall folks can be any size. They walk tall.

This newsletter is for and about us. You are my family, my friends, my fellow readers, writers, and adventurers in living lightly on our fragile planet. You have touched me with your stories and inspired me with your deeds. Together we can ensure that the future belongs to us, the people.

The Bread and Puppet Theater calls us "the pursuit of happiness crowd." It is a basic premise of this newsletter that it's possible to be happy, that we can help one another, and that, working together, we can enjoy solving our problems. What else is happiness?

A theme of this newsletter will we be that delicate balance between believing and being fooled. Children and all innocents are particularly vulnerable to being taken in. In Swamp Walking Woman some alligators disguised to look like men offer gifts of video games and movies and snacks to three children. The children reach out for the gifts. Since the alligators intend the children no good, their offer is a betrayal. In many cultures, from that of the American slaves who told the Brer Rabbit stories to the scenes of cowboys around campfires in the West, people are tested and measured according to their credulity. See more about that in the featured article below.

Book News. Responses to Swamp Walking Woman are strong. Readers find the story compelling, a book they don't put down. Some have thanked me for the environmental thread, how a determined woman rallies a group of desperate families to throw off their oppressors and take back their green world.

Red Hen's Daughters, poems about farm life in the 1950s, is finding appreciative readers. This book is like sourdough starter ready to swell the heart of farm communities and sustainable living.

Watch for:

Gideon's River, a novel about a troubled boy who insists on life.

Simple Web Tech for Writers, the eBook

Sweet Potato Suppers: A Yankee Woman Finds Salvation in a Hippie Village, second edition


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