Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Home Study Course by Judith Barr


UPDATE AS WE GO TO PRESS: With election time here, I feel called more than ever to address again the distortions in our electoral process...and how we can heal them from the inside out! To this end, I have written a more in depth post for my blog PoliPsych called The Election Through The Lens of Powerlessness. To read this post, please visit http://polipsych101.wordpress.com/2010/10/19/the-election-through-the-lens-of-powerlessness/.

I am pleased to announce that a new home study course, based on some of my articles, is now being offered through Professional Development Resources with 2 CE credits available for counselors, social workers, psychologists and other healing arts professionals. To learn more about this course, A Therapist Reflects on the Use and Abuse of Power, Part 1, please visit http://www.judithbarr.com/PowerAbusedPowerHealed/pages/home-study.htm.

I am also happy to be able to share with you the audio of two new interviews . . .

Recently, I joined Alecia Evans and David Bach on Keeping It Real to explore healing our relationship with power, and the impact that healing has on our country and our world.

And . . . on Morning News Weekend with Don Russell, Don and I discussed the roots of the distortions in our electoral process...and how we can heal them.

You can hear the full audio of both of these interviews on my website at http://www.judithbarr.com/PowerAbusedPowerHealed/pages/audio1.htm.

Finally...coming up on Friday, November 19 at 6pm: I will be giving a talk, There's A Bully in All of Us, at The Mental Health Seminar for Relative Caregivers sponsored by The Cornell Cooperative Extension Duchess County Relatives As Parents Program, in Millbrook, NY. I hope those in attendance will find my talk inspiring and informative!




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Judith Barr is a depth psychotherapist and spiritual counselor in private practice in Brookfield, Connecticut. For more than 30 years, she has brought a passion for safety to the healing process and a commitment to help heal the abuse of power in every arena of life. She is one of the first in her profession to seriously and continually focus on the misuse and abuse of power in the healing arts. Her book, Power Abused, Power Healed, addresses this theme in both the healing arts and other arenas of life, and is an invitation to look into the mirror at our own misuse and abuse of power . . . for the greatest, deepest healing possible, individually and globally.

Judith offers workshops, including her life-changing "Healing Our Relationship with Power" series, her series "Making The World Safe from The Inside Out," and individual consultations and sessions for people in all walks of life. To learn more, please contact Jenni Calladio-Nuzzo at 860-824-7923 or 203-364-7918, email Judith directly at JudithBarr@PowerAbusedPowerHealed.com or go to www.PowerAbusedPowerHealed.com .

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