Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for a Special Kind of Writers' Group

From CT IWWG Member Mary Carroll Moore:

I've enjoyed this blog and "getting to know" some of you through your posts. I moved to CT two years ago and left behind a writers group I'd been with for fifteen years. Life here has been a whirlwind of finishing my MFA degree and a second novel, teaching locally, and beginning another book. I have a great writing partner but I miss the support and inspiration of my ongoing writers group. So I am posting this message to start the hunt for one--a special kind of writers group.

My old group would gather to write together for an hour each week, then share our raw writing around the group. It created an amazing energy, to write with others in the same room. Many of the freewrites from those meetings have become scenes in my novel.

At this stage in my book-writing process, I am not needing critique or the instruction of a class as much as the regular energy and inspiration of other writers gathering together.

Anyone else interested in doing this? No instruction, no critique, just gathering together to write and share what just came through. If you know of such a group or are interested in helping form one, please email me. I live in Bridgewater near Roxbury so I'd like something in the western CT area.

Thank you,

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Carol2 said...

Hi Mary Caroll and all.
I didn't know about this blog and am happy to discover it.

I've been facilitating a freewriting group for about 1/2 a year now. We borrow topics from the chapters of the book WRITING FROM LIFE by Susan Albert. It has worked out really well. We could include you and one or two others if interested. We meet once a month in upper Westchester or upper Fairfield County CT. We are almost all IWWG members.

You have my email address, but I'll give it here for others: