Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Truth About Power

To my sister writers,

You may know that 1 ½ years ago I published my first book, Power Abused, Power Healed. Since that time I've had many people suggest I create a DVD of one of my talks. I have done that and now my new DVD, The Truth About Power, which stands alone and also as a companion to my book, is available to people.

I want to share this with you, who know what it is like to create!

Thanks for receiving me and my announcement (below).



The holidays have come and gone. People have been approaching life with new priorities, new values. . .values that can help us invest in healing that will guide us as we create new possibilities and realities in our world.

Misuse and abuse of power is commonplace in our world. It occurs in homes, schools, churches, businesses, government, even in the therapeutic and healing professions. The root of power abuse is woundedness . . . woundedness calling to be healed! And it is definitely calling us! We cannot heal the misuse of power simply by action in the outer world. We each need to do the healing of our relationship with power within ourselves . . . and that will help us heal our world!

As past feelings and childhood wounds emerge during our daily lives, it is crucial that we become aware of these ancient feelings, and how they can affect our relationships with power, our relationships with each other, our relationships with ourselves, as we enter the new year beyond. In “The Truth About Power,” I teach the truth about the roots of our relationships with power, how these relationships affect our lives as well as our world . . . and how we can heal the wounds that foster the abuse of power in our world.

For more information about “The Truth About Power,” or to order copies as gifts for your loved ones any time of the year, or as a gift of healing to yourself, please visit

The Truth About Power . . . what a healing gift to those who matter to you!

Many Blessings,

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