Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Invitation to Be a Guest on Karen's Blog

What stirs your writer's soul? Answer this question in 250 words or less and Karen M. Rider will upload it as a guest post on her blog "Soul of a Writer."
Karen invites writing colleagues of all genres to submit about any of the following topics related to "what stirs the soul of a writer?"
  • Why did you write your most recent story?
  • What made you stick with a character that gave you more trouble than fun to write about?
  • What compelled you to share details of your life in a personal essay or work of creative nonfiction?
  • What made you want to tackle historical fiction and why did you choose the time period your most recent work is set in?
  • Why do you write?
  • How do you feed your muse?
  • What made you choose the setting for your current work-in-progress or most recent published work?
  • Where do you find inspiration for your stories?
  • Write about what the topic "stirs a writer's soul" means to you!
Karen's blog receives 250-600 hits a month, depending on time of year, content and frequency of posts. Her website receives 300 hits per month (since February 2011) with more than 100 return visitors each month. 12% stay on site to read from 2-10min. 5% read for an hour or more. She will post the content that has the best match for her blog audience. Submit your post with a 60 word bio on or before September 25.

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All the best,

Karen M. Rider

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